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      In the capital you can find all types of housing, apartment building (brick or concrete), and also a few houses. Since the past year, in the capital there has been a lot of new housing construction. You can now rent a place from USD$200 to $3 000/month. It depends on your budget. For those of you that might be worrying about security, lots of the new apartment buildings are fenced and provide security guard 24 hour a day.


      At the State Department Store you can buy furniture, appliances and every other kind of household goods such as: iron, microwave, coffee maker, deep fryer, juicer, rice cooker, humidifier, fan, you name it. Most of the cooking and baking equipment (pots and pans) is available also. You may have to look in a few different stores, but you can find almost anything.


Don't be worried about the bathrooms in Ulaanbaatar, toilets and showers are western style. In the countryside, it's a bit different, don't bother looking for toilets, there is usually no designated place to do whatever you have to. Just find a spot away from a Ger, Ovoo and river.


Apartment building
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Our balcony is the third one on the second column from the right.

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Welcome to Melanie and Pascal's!

Living room
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Yes, the couch is very comfortable!

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Yeah, a western style toilet!