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Living in Mongolia
Sukhbaatar Care Centre
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Sukhbaatar Care Centre
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     Sukhbaatar Care Centre was opened in October 2002 with the assistance of private funding. The Centre's main purpose is to provide primary schooling for 20-30 street and vulnerable children from the Sukhbaatar District. Additionally, we feed the children Monday through Friday at the soup kitchen and distribute clothing on a weekly basis with the assistance of Deseret International Charities (DIC).


     After visiting the families and assessing their living conditions, we decided to help them to stay together and have a better future with other projects such as "Ger for the Family" and "Fencing the Yard".


     The first Ger was delivered to a family of eleven people (mother, father, nine children) that used to live in a 2.5 m by 1.5 m mud house.


     The second project is to fence the yard of two single mom families living on the same land in the Ger district. The government provided them with gers last year, but in order to own the land, the families must fenced it. We  provided them with wood material to build the fence.


     More projects have helped many other needy families in Sukhbaatar District. 



The Centre

The Building
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"Fencing the Yard"

Inside View
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Outside View
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"Ger for the Family"

Ger Delivery
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Mud House (before)
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11 people were living in that house!

The New Home
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Family's Son
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That smile is the reason why we have to do it again!