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Living in Mongolia
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     Mongolia's culture is very different from western countries. Therefore, you cannot expect things to go as fast and straight forward as they are at home. Before getting angry just remember the years of Chinese and Soviet domination and communisme. Mongolia is now struggling to get its economy back on track. The country has come a long way but still lots need to be done to insure a bright future for the young generation.


     Although, UB is considered pretty safe during daylight, be aware of the major annoyances: Pickpocketing, begging, drunks, corruption, electricity and hot water shortage. Like in any other big cities, at night you have to be more careful and avoid getting in trouble. Don't walk by yourself at dark even if you are a men, take a taxi. Remember that when the winter comes, people are getting more desperate and more agressive on the street. Be careful!


     You are going to be approached by many street kids and please do not give them money, buy food instead. If you want to make a donation and help poor families or street children do so through NGOs.


     My best advices will be, do not show off your money, keep your mobile phone out of reach of others, take a taxi at night, and be patient.