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Living in Mongolia
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Is English widely spoken?


Not many locals speak English fluently. Some of the people in the stores and markets can tell you the price in English, but that's it! It would be good for you to learn the basic words in Mongolian such as directions for taxi drivers, greetings, numbers and etc.


Where can I learn Mongolian?


   There are Language schools available, but it is also possible to get a    private teacher at home. Lots of students are looking for side jobs.


Is water safe to drink?


UB officials say that the water in the city is safe, but I prefer to drink bottled water. If you are living in UB, it is possible to get jug of water delivered at your house. Don't forget to take water with you when travelling in the countryside.


Is the city safe for foreigners?


You should careful at all times, but especially at night. Don't hang out in the poor neighbourhood or Ger districts. Crime in UB is mostly pick pocketing, so be very careful with your bags and money when going to crowded areas, stores and the black market. In general, Mongolians are nice to foreigners and friendly.


Can we find medicine?


There are pharmacies in UB where you can buy similar products, but you should bring a first aid kit, cold medicine, allergy relief, antacid, and Tylenol just in case they are not available when you need them.


What kind of food product you cannot find in UB?


Baking is not part of a traditional meal so it might be difficult or impossible to find some products such as corn syrup, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, maple syrup and some nuts. Pans are available sometimes, but you might prefer bringing your own. You can easily buy flour, baking powder, sugar, dried raisins and apricots, peanuts and walnuts. Chocolate chips are also available at Good Price 2 stores. You can find a variety of pasta in stores, but there is no lasagna pasta available. 


Are deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, make-up, tampons, Kleenex and toilet paper available in UB?


Yes, they are available in stores or markets and you can find some brand sold in Canada such as Colgate and Dove. Buy those products in UB before taking off to the countryside because, it's a whole different world outside UB.


Are there good restaurants?


You can find all type of restaurants, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Mongolian, French, German, Mexican, Indian. Most of them serve really good food and for a ridiculous amount of money. Eating out is definitely cheap in UB. There are also a few cafes where you can have coffee, pastries, bread, breakfast (eggs and bacon) and lunch.


What should we bring to Mongolia?



        For children (educational games, books, babys toys, board games)

        All weather clothing

        Dressed clothing


        Hobby supplies and crafts

        Special baking items

        Spices for cooking

        Shaving blades and razors


        And your favourite food product for the bad days