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    Ulaanbaatar is the capital and by far the largest city of Mongolia with over one-third of the counrty's population. There is only one skyscraper, which certainly stands out and is for a lot of us a good point of reference to find our way back home. There are few street names and the locals don't even use them. So, get a map and be ready to get lost frequently because sometimes the maps are not even accurate. That's all part of the mongolian experience!


     Ulaanbaatar is modern compared to other mongolian cities and  still carries some signs of the past.  There are some Gers "felt tent" in the city located between apartment buildings and elderly wearing the traditional attire strolling along the main streets with their children dressed in Nike cloths. In 2001, there were still people riding horse in the city, but now it is forbidden. It is fascinating to see how modern and traditional lifestyle live together!


     For the past year, shopping centres and supermarkets (western style) have been opening. to foreigners, shopping is certainly inexpensive, but remember that the price reflects the quality. Locals in general, dress very fashionable and always wear their best attire as well as cleaned and polished shoes even though it's always dusty outside. Dressing well and clean is a matter of status, here. 


      The traffic in Ulaanbaatar is horrible, there are lots of cars and insane drivers. It is faster to walk  the city on rush hour, because of the traffic jams. Walking can be an adventure in itself too and pedestrians have no rights here.  So you better cross the street and hope for the best! It's scary! Although mongolians drive on the same side of the road as in North America, left side steering wheel cars are allowed !!! It is a little dangerous. Honking dominates the circulations rules in Ulaanbaatar, just blow the horn to let others know which way you are going and you'll be fine. I'm really happy I don't have to drive and Taxi is so cheap anyway. For USD$2, you can go around the city. 



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Here is the Circus building just across the Water Fountains' Park in my neighbourhood.

Water Fountains' Park
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The water fountains serve to entertain and refresh kids during the summer!.

Water Fountains' Park
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Here we are making this street kid's day!.

State Department Store
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At the Sate Department Store, you can find anything from electronics, furniture, clothing, groceries, cosmetics, perfume, and of course souvenirs.

Post Office
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Pre-Naadam Military Ceremony

Street Vendor
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New Highway
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Traffic Jam

We were stuck there for 45 minutes, honking! Just Chaos!

Trade & Development Bank


Peace Ave East
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Peace Ave West
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This is certainly one of the busiest street at rush hour!

Stores and restaurants
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Along the streets in downtown, you will find many stores and restaurants like those on this picture.

State and Folk Dancing Ensemble Theater
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Wedding Palace
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UB Bank